Fitness is a way of life it’s not a goal.


Fitness is a way of life it’s not a goal.                                                               

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” this famous quote was said by Hippocrates, father of medicine almost 2500 years back!

It stands true even today, that eating wholesome food is the foundation of good health. These days processed foods and unhealthy fast snacks have sneaked into our homes and workplaces, I have not used the word “Kitchen”, as I believe that in the “Kitchen” Wholesome food is prepared and cooked, not processed and served. The synonym for “Wholesome” is “healthy”, so what is truly healthy for you and your family? these days there are a lot of marketing gimmicks which entice you into buying their unhealthy, insanely priced, attractive products, and considering our hectic over demanding jobs and life styles we usually give into the short-term relief. However, in the long run we start losing, so how can we help ourselves? Dear friends, a few changes in your life style can bring on a major difference in your overall wellbeing.

Let’s, begin by taking a simple product “honey”, we have read and have been told that honey is ideal for weight loss and general wellbeing, however, the honey that we get in the supermarkets are all processed, which has been stripped of all its health benefits, therefore, leaving is good for those who would like to gain a few pounds! Instead add sugar free to your daily sweetness regime and reap long term benefits. Table salt, an apt saying about salt is “The more you take the more you want”, hence, take the least amount while cooking and do not add extra salt, this will help you maintain your body weight and blood pressure along with other measures. So, what are the other measures that you should take to look and feel good.  Include all types of wholesome foods in your diet, do not skip out on carbohydrates, fats and fruits, our body requires them all, but in the right proportion and at the right time. Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water you can sweeten it with an artificial sweetener or drink it plain,  have a hearty breakfast which could include foods that you like, however, the portion should be in consideration with the kind of lifestyle you lead, keeping yourself well hydrated throughout the day will add the glow to your skin which you have been looking for so long! Limit your intake of tea and coffee, milk and milk products are one of the major causes of bloating and stomach problems, limited intake will keep that bloat under control. Include “good fats” in your diet, which are present not only in oils but also in almonds, walnuts, pistachios, flaxseed, pumpkin seeds & sunflower seeds, eat a handful everyday to see amazing health benefits. Do include a fruit in your diet every day. Avoid crash diets, which could lead to major health issues, do take out time for an hour to have a brisk walk every day, which is extremely important for hormone regulation and keeping your joints healthy and pain free. Lunch should be light, avoid greasy, deep fried and spicy foods, which could cause your skin to breakout into painful acne and inflammation, dinner should be had three hours before going to bed, avoid a carbohydrate rich diet at night, include salads and proteins to have a great waist line. Sleep for a minimum of seven hours to lose weight and decrease the risk of heart diseases, your body repairs itself while you sleep. Say “NO’ to processed foods, unhealthy snacking and drinks which can increase the risk of cancer. Start using the “Kitchen” to prepare wholesome food for your family and most importantly for yourself.

All said and done, sometimes even with the best care we might just land up with a serious health issue, therefore, if you do have a family history of any disease and are 35 years and older I strongly suggest an annual health check-up to make sure that you are as fit internally as you are on the outside.  Keep yourself motivated, if you feel too stressed out do not keep it boxed up rather talk to someone you feel comfortable with, which will help you to make rational decisions. Good health is when one is both mentally and physically sound.

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