General Medicine

We provide the first aid treatment to any types of medical conditions.
In case the condition requires more special treatment, we’ll refer (guide) you to the close medical facility.


Living as an expat can be sometimes really hard and stressful.
In case you experience insomnia, a lack of concentration, irritation (agitation), excessive alcohol drinking, work-related stress, you can consult with the specialist.
*Appointment is required for the consultation.

Dental Check UP

Routine dental check-up is available.
Thursday on the first week of the month
*Check-Up only. Cleaning, treatment will be available at Healing Ray Clinic at Gurgaon.


Cuts, fractures, burns, suturing & First aid for wounds, bites (animal/insect)

Preventative Vaccination

Do you have any vaccination that you were not able to finish in Japan?
The following vaccination is available. Feel free to contact with us if there is any vaccination other than the list you wish to take.

Recommended Vaccination
– A型肝炎 (Hepatitis A)
– B型肝炎 (Hepatitis B)
– 破傷風 (Tetanus)
– 日本脳炎 (Japanese Encephalitis)
– 腸チフス (Typhoid)
– 狂犬病 (Rabies)
– インフルエンザ(Flu)

*Kindly request to us 2 days before you wish to take the vaccine.

*Since vaccination is not coverable with the Oversea Travel Insurance, kindly prepare for the payment.


*Physiotherapy is available upon reservation.